May 09, 2021

Floor Lamps

As the name suggests, a floor lamp is a tall-standing lighting device that is placed on the ground. Typically, height of Modern or Vintage Floor Lamps ranges from between 4 feet to 6 feet based on its functionality

Floor lamp is a practical lighting source that can be used in almost any room of your home and are primarily composed of a base and a lamp shade. Accessories like an electrical wire and a light bulb are necessary for the lamp to function. The club lamp is the most basic design you can find for this style lamp. Featuring a solid base and a simple lamp shade around a light bulb, it’s easy to find this type of lamp in a variety of styles and designs to fit your home decor! The torcher lamp is another popular lamp design that can be easily found. It comes from the French word for “torch,” the old way of lighting a room before electricity. Here’s a lamp that will provide light without stealing the show, thanks to its slim profile.

Following are standard floor lamps available in JDN lighting store.




This large-scale lighting represents a functional addition to any room in your home that adds a sense of style. If you’re looking for a replacement that is a quality crafted piece, select a ceiling light to compliment the floor lamp. The coffee table lamp is one of the simplest lighting solutions that can be used anywhere in your home. The stylish coffee table lamp can lighten a dark and gloomy space to make it look like the stars actually shine down from the heavens. It can even be used as a night light and spotlight to make sure the kitchen and dining areas are neat and tidy before sunrise! These are high quality portable lighting solutions that provide welcome lighting to a dark space, help create an atmosphere of comfort in a dim room, and are also convenient for dynamic lighting schedules and travel purposes. Lamps in spaces filled with fabric, wood, or metal create a warm, inviting ambiance and can lighten a room without overpowering the setting sun. Use lamps that come in many colors, patterns, and sizes to create ambiances for your home related to both the seasons and your personality. If you crave design, consider watering ottomans or rocking chairs for your living room or picking up a collection of lamps for the kitchen. The kids’ room is absolutely no different. Here, low wattage lighting is key to creating an environment that feels cozy and safe for all young people. LED bulbs are widely available for this room decor that function as low-power floor lamps while still providing enough light for basic tasks like reading a novel or scrolling through social media. Choose the lighting that complements your style and that will enhance the decor in your room without overpowering the color of your wall or requesting too much attention. For kids' rooms with colored walls or arches topper lamps can give an interesting look to your space and are a functional way to create the look of a whimsical library. LED bulbs in kid’s rooms can be functional lighting options that provide power for simple tasks such as playing video games, Monitoring the temperature in a bathroom, or illuminating the forest floor around a child’s bunk bed. These LED carbon bulbs are specifically optimized not to create intense lighting but can work as a low-power alternative for medium or low-light settings without creating an overwhelming light level. Simply place the bulbs into a switch on an included wire without running the battery down before turning the switch on.


Floor lamp is available in a wide variety of styles and designs, making it the most sought-after piece of decor for every homeowner. From classic vintage lamps with a wrought-iron finish to contemporary and minimalistic designs that look sleek and stylish, there is no dearth of design options you can choose from


Floor lamp ranges in height anywhere from around 4 feet to several feet. They are known as "tall standing lamps" because in general they are quite tall, either a little shorter than an average person or slightly taller than an average person.

The main categories of floor lamp sizes is as follows:

  1. Short lamps include floor reading lamps, some arc floor lamps. These are mainly designed so that the shade is just above shoulder height when seated. A pharmacy lamp might be used next to a desk. A reading lamp might be used next to a couch or armchair. Arc lamps raise up from the floor and then arc over and down, for example over a seating area.
  2. Average lamps include typical floor lamps at around 5 or 6 feet in height. The shade is usually around eye-level when standing.
  3. Tall lamps are usually oversized and can be 6, 7 or even 8 feet tall. Due to their larger height their proportions may in general also be larger and may be best suited to a larger room. The tallest floor lamps are quite often touchier floor lamps which usually aim light upwards like a torch.



Though a floor light can be installed in every room of your home, there is a style guide you need to follow for ideal lighting. While installing the floor light in the bedroom, make sure it is at shoulder level so the light does not fall harshly on your eyes when you are seated on bed.

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