Gem and Banknote Identification 4 lights UV Torch 395nm/365nm

The JDN UV Torch is an easy-to-use, rechargeable handheld UV LED torch that allows you to examine gemstones, minerals and currency for authenticity. The compact torch is the only one of its kind on the market and is incredibly easy to use. Simply switch it on and check your item in a circular pattern under the beam; if there are any synthetic substances present they will show up immediately as dark spots. It’s ideal for people who are interested in identifying gems, minerals or counterfeit bank notes at home or in the office - or anyone just looking for a fun way to pass the time!

Purple ( 365nm & 395nm):
Amber Authenticity
RMB counterfeit identification
High-end security monitoring tobacco
Banknote identification stamp collection
Monitoring a fluorescent substance comprising jade
Product clean room monitoring
A variety of instruments, trademarks, documents, fluorescent printing ink industry
**White light:  White light irradiate object penetration strong,  for watching pure white jade porcelain goods.
**Yellow light: 
yellow characteristics close to natural light, non-reflective irradiation, conducive to observe

• 【Ideal for Gemstone Identification】: The UV Short wave ( 395nm ) and Short wave ( 365nm ) lights will identify the gemstone and make its fluorescence more obvious. You could easily identify the gemstone by its fluorescence

•【Ideal for Detecting Counterfeit Money】: The UV light can show the security marks on the bills well, which is very useful in detecting counterfeit money

• 【Ideal for Bug Inspection】: The UV light could make the fluorescent pigment of insect become more obvious, so it is ideal for inspecting bugs

• 【Ideal for Food Inspection】: The UV light can show that how much pesticide is in the food by making it fluorescent

• 【Ideal for Forensics Investigation】: The UV light can be used to detect blood stains or other biological fluids that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye









Certification: CE, ROHS, CCC
Color : black
Battery Type Built-in lithium 3.7v battery 1800mAh
Usage  Expert Jade Flashlight
Light Range: <50M    
Body Material: Aluminum
Functions: Jade, jewelry, amber, Emerald appraisal
Size:  148 mm x 30mm
Battery Charging time:   3-4 hours
Origin: CN(Origin)
Power 5W
Lumens: 300 lumens output (Max)
Running time: 2-3 hours
 Model Number  JDN 8018
 Net weight: 179G
USB Charging


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Package Content:


1x LED Built-in lithium battery Torch
1x USB line


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